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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thought it was time

I posted a few pictures. These are from our Guild Christmas Exhibition. I've only just downloaded them from my camera.

First my cushion, I'm not sure I like it.Andrew's Red Dragon

My bottle hanging and the 'Jean' hanging on the wall.

Our Branch banner, I did the co-ordination and some of the stitching, but lots of people had a hand in the rest of the sewing.

Suzy's sampler I made at Carol's workshop 'I Did it My Way'

You can see my three 'Eternal Flame' candles on display


jojo said...

Hi Sheila *waving*, beautiful work. The 'Eternal Flame' candles are stunning. Well done on the exhibition, I'll bet it was a great success.

jane said...

Some great work there Sheila, thanks for sharing the pics.