Thank you all for reading my rambles. All comments are read and appreciated. There have been some great comments recently so many, many thanks. I'm sorry if I haven't managed to comment on your blog I do read them as often as I can.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Burst of energy

I've finally managed to master the pesky hearts that were causing me so much trouble. I'm on to the third section of my Tuffet and I've done some work on Brown Calico.
I've shown a before and after as it's difficult to see the extra bits which include some of my beach combing shells.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday here

Well it's the weekend and only 2 more days left. Yesterday started cloudy here so we decided to take the bus to the capital Los Palmas. Well we took the slow bus, it took one and three quarter hours! However we saw parts of the East side of the island we hadn't seen before. Then it RAINED and boy did it rain! Took a taxi to the largest department store on the island from the bus station. I think the store is even bigger that John Lewis' on Oxford Street. It's in two buildings on opposite sides of the street and we spent at least three hours in there including having our lunch served by waiters in dicky bows! bought some toiletry necessities and a magazine. Pete got himself two Spanish novels. he likes to read some obscure stories that he can't get in the UK. One of the books he nearly bought in London but it was too expensive! He got it for 5 euros less here. Unfortunately a lot of other things were more expensive tha in the UK because of the poor echange rate. I wanted to get a lovely whitework tablerunner done in the traditional Canarian pulled thread work, but at 40 euro I walked away as I had bought a second at the market earlier in the week so already have a sample, I know where the mistakes are but it only cost me 8 euros so can't complain, that's why it's there and not in the big shops. the mag was an embroidery one - of course. When we got back to the bus station I got a jewellery and craft mag that certainly isn't published in the UK - in Spanish but with very clear pictorial instructions and with Pete's translator dictionary machine I can make out what it says.
We had a lovely night listening to Bob Gorman, he plays guitar and sings, Dire Straits, Shadows, Bob Marley, etc, just our type of music. We met a couple from Sunderland! Just over the river Tyne from us! Got to admit to having a few too many San Grias. Had a good time though

Friday, March 27, 2009


Sorry to all the people I normal comment, and thanks for all your comments on my Blog, I'll catch up with what you are doing when I get back on Monday. I try to limit my web time as I have to come up to reception and it's got air con and it's cold!
I've just come back from my morning ramble, set off about 6.20, saw the sun come up over the hills and was out for about 1 and 1/2 hours. It's great up there at that time in the morning as there's nobody around until I'm coming down. Took a trip up a different hill this time but didn't get to the top, my scrambling of the other morning taught me a lesson. I took an easy (!) route up the side of the hill, the water pipes are buried underneath see photo. What was great, the paths are all marked because of these buried pipes and people have made little markers with stones, some are little works of art.
The first two photos are from last night, when we went for a Chinese meal. I'm sorry I don't have time to play with the layout of this Blog entry as I'm starving and Pete should be awake by now! I'll edit this later. Bye.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nearly Thursday

I can't believe I've missed two days of my Blog, must have been having a good time! Actually I was so shattered I only had time to look at emails and not for writing up what I've been doing. I've had two relatively pain free days.
Then today we went on a fantastic boat trip, very luxurious, champers, all inclusive food and drinks, sun and beautiful scenery. I even swam off the boat, fantastic! and good company from Germany, Spain and the US. After a short walk this evening we had a light meal, we didn't need much as we had been eating all day. I was out like a light at 9.30 but woke up at 11 with aches and pains everywhere. So decided to do my Blog to take my mind off them. Pete had a kip when we got back so he had already been to do his emails and came back just as I woke up.
Anyway here are a very small selection of the photos I took today. When I get home I'll put the rest onto Webshots.
First leaving harbour

Steering the ship!

Talking embroidery with the captain

Chasing the dolphins

Swimming in the sea and yes that is me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday in Gran Canaria

Had a lovely walk this morning, no-one out between 6 and seven and saw the sun rise over the hills
Two photos only today, one shows the balconies from the pool, the one with the red dot is ours. The other shows one of the beautiful stone seats covered with flowers that are dotted around the harbour.

We spent the morning on the balcony, stitching and reading. I had a play with Gimp, a free photo editing software hence the notes on my photos today.
Then a quick shopping trip, don't laugh - I bought myself a bikini, haven't worn one in years. There are women with a lot worse figures than mine going topless here, so why shouldn't I wear a bikini? In answer to your question - no there won't be any photos of me in it!

A quick kip after lunch and then up to one of the 4 pools for some serious tanning.

You'll be pleased to hear that I've finished my Coq Au Pins scissor pouch.

I've also been putting some back stitches around my BCS samples so that I can patch them together. I'm doing another BCS pieces as well. So I'm keeping busy and my shoulder has not been so bad today but then I went back to taking the pain killers today as I had a bad evening last night.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


  1. I feel so much better today, did an hour and a half walk up to see St Cruz' Cross, something I've wanted to do for 8 years, the number of years we've been coming here but I've never been up early enough to do it while it's still cool. So guess what? My walk this morning just took me to a track up into the hills. Well actually it's a small hill above Argiunagin. I won't put all the photos on my blog, if you are really interested then go to my webshots album. It took me an hour to get up the hill and half an hour to get down!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Gran Canaria

Well at last I've sorted some photos, boring scenes, no people. Some taken while I was out on my morning rambles.The first three are views from our balcony at 4am, 6am and 7am respectively.
Then there's the mini golf course at Gran Anfi taken coming down in the lift

Here are the trailing geraniums planted all round the island in front of the complex and the Hibiscus hedging, I just love this flower.

And the football and tennis courts.

last is the coast guard ship that seems to be there all night watching for illegal immigrants.

5 Days already

We are now 5 days into our two week holiday, can't believe how fast the time seems to have gone. I had a great Reiki session yesterday but it's left me with a stinking head ache. However I did sleep better and my arm is now allowing me to walk without looking as if I have a stiff neck! I'm walking for about an hour each morning before the sun comes up as it's nice and cool then. I'm exploring the area far more that I've ever done over the last 8 years we've been coming here. No plans for today, just a laze and maybe get some stitching done as I haven't done much lately.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Would you believe it?

It's raining in Gran Canaria, yes, lots of it! Like being back in the UK! I went for a 40 min walk along the shore this morning before breakfast, I left Pete in bed as he was feeling a bit queasy last night Later I did some Ti Chi , it was just a taster session and it was good. No swimming today, but had a trip up to Tauro a new resort being built by the Anfi company. Wasn't impressed! It's much nicer down here. I'll go now as I can feel my neck starting to tense up after just a short time in the air conditioning, despite having a sarong wrapped round it like a scarf!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update 1

Well I went to sleep, no problem last night, relatively pain free BUT woke up again at 1.30am and off course couldn't get back to sleep! Every time I thought I was ready to nod off I lay down and was wide awake again, with the pain back. So I've been for a great massage and Rekie session. I'll make this short as there is air con in reception and not good after a lovely warming massage. Thanks for your thoughts girls.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome to Gran Canaria

I'm now in the warm sun - hurrah. Well actually it's 7pm so the sun has gone down but it's still lovely and warm! We left home at 6.30 this morning to get a 9am flight and got into Las Palmas at 1pm. Not a bad flight, no long wait at the airport either end. Half an hour to Arguineguin where our time share is and then tip the clothes - literally out of the bags and down for a swim and a quick soak up of the sun until 5 when we retired for a quick snack, the sandwich I had on the plane was horrible! so I was starving. I did a quick paint of the nails and a wash and then booked a back massage for tomorrow afternoon. The good news is that my shoulder started to improve as soon as I got in the sun. I had to take the dreaded pain killers on the plane and I only took one with my tea so that's a 5 hour gap - great. I hope that it will continue when I start to relax.
I'll look in each evening to read emails and update my blog, then you can hear about the lazy life we lead when away from home. There won't be much to tell you. Bye for now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I talked too soon

yes last night was just a little respite. I enjoyed a pain free evening and after a short nap I stayed awake until the end of CR. lept from 5 - 9 and now feel decidedly woozy. Of to sleep with a film.


It will be my Blogs birthday in just over 5 weeks. I'm looking for some suggestions on how I can celebrate the event. The best suggestion (according to me) I'll follow up. I'll make a decision about what I'll do after I get back from my hols. Off on Monday for two weeks in the sun. Getting really excited.
I tried to stay awake to watch ALL of Comic Relief on BBC, afraid I fell asleep for a couple of hours - on the floor - not a good idea! So catching up now. Sorry if I'm a bit incoherent and rambling more than usual!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Way Hay

I haven't had a pain killer since 2.30 and it's now nearly 7, didn't feel I needed one and only just realised. My shoulder is still tender but not the excruciating pain it's been for a fortnight. The problem is remembering to continue to protect it for a while. The other good news is that I saw the diabetic nurse this morning and my sugars are much better than they were 8 weeks ago. I go back in 12 weeks for another check. Just hope the improvement continues.
Happy Red Nose Day to you all. I'm just about ready to settle down with my dinner and watch the fun on TV.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Race 4 Life

Whow I'm now 3/4 of the way towards my £100 target, do you think I'll get over that? people are so generous I was in tears tonight when I found out my DD had given a very generous donation.
I had a great day out shopping in Newcastle today. It was just as well I wanted a new light-weight suitcase as I was able to put all my packages inside. I bought new walking sandals, flip flops, beach top, makeup, floppy sun hat, new underwear, there was more not holiday related. I left home at 10.30 and didn't get home until after 4pm. I usually hate shopping in town and do it as rarely as possible. However it's probably just as well I don't do it too often!
My shoulder seems to be a bit better and I'm relatively pain free for the first time in a fortnight - fantastic! I'll probably suffer for it tomorrow.
Well I must try and go to sleep now it's well past my bed time!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Felted bracelets

While on my big knit course I bought a hair ornament that I've christened 'dreadlocks', it is fantastic, I just had to make one in purple!

I had a dinner party with some friends last night and they were great conversation pieces, and were modelled for me

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beautiful sunshine

It's a beautiful day here, the sun is shining and the sky blue. Unfortunately the wind is still cold but not as blustery as it was yesterday. I walked up to the chiropodist to have my toes sorted as I keep getting an ingrown toenail! I caught it in time before it got too sore this time. I'm still on the pain killers and they are making me very giddy! Any effort makes me shaky. I hope I don't have to take them for too much longer. We are having friends over for a meal tonight and I won't be able to have a drink d..t! Another disadvantage of taking these pain killers!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Race 4 Life

Feel I should share with you why I want to do the Race 4 Life.
Last week we discovered that SiL and her DH both have cancer. SiL had an op on Thursday and her DH goes for treatment this next week. I had an uncle who died of cancer several years ago and like to help the charity whenever I can. I wanted to do it last year but chickened in the end so this year I will do it no matter what. I started the training today with a lovely walk. Parked the car on the north side of the Tyne and walked through the pedestrian tunnel and on to Bede's World to see a friends exhibition. If anyone lives locally it's a lovely place. Didn't take photos as they are trying to sell their work and I didn't have their permission, that I can understand as they are all personal embroideries, very talented ladies!
However I will share the crocus outside the church.

The walk along side the River Don which flows into the Tyne

and the back of Pete's head with a ship at South Shields dock.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Race for Life

Well I've commited myself now. I hope 1) to get fit enough to do this walk! 2) to raise £100. I don't mind if I don't get as much but will try. If you want to help this widget will help.

Please don't feel you have to as I know it is difficult for some to do so. I'll just be grateful for anything I get.

many, many thanks if you do.

Big Knitting workshop

Well my fears about my shoulder not standing up to the workshop were unfounded. I sat on some mats on the floor and rested the needles on my knees, it worked and I had a great day, lots of laughter and fun. I'm shattered but in a good way! The first photo is Ingrid Wagner, the tutor, you can see some of her work at her website. The second is my first wall hanging and the second is a small test piece I made to see how a felted bead could be attached, I love it and reminds me of a Voodo Doll. I have another white piece made from old white sheeting and terry towelling. It's in the washing machine at the moment as I want to dye it a space dyed pale blue for my bathroom. The textures are great!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Why don't I learn?

I shouldn't try and do small Algerian Hearts at 5 o'clock in the morning! It took me 1/2 and hour and much frogging and waste of thread to get it right! Got there in the end and decided to leave it until full daylight!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Progress is being made on H&F SAL if slow. My main progress is on Purple Calico, I've got a black box frame from Ikea and my friendly framer cut a mount for me and I've padded and pinned the fabric ready for lacing. Then he is going to make a window mount for me and that will have fabric stretched onto it and more stitching placed over the mount. This will give an even greater 3D effect to the piece. My it was a long time ago that I made this piece and I'm only getting round to finishing it off now!

The rest of my Really Useful boxes arrived yesterday and I did more thread and fabric sorting yesterday afternoon. Getting there slowly!



and more fabric

Monday, March 02, 2009

Scones and SAL

Had a busy morning, did a quick potter in the garden, can't do that much as my shoulder is still acting up, I've made a temporary sling to stop me using it. When I came in I made some wholemeal cheese scones I had to dig out my old food processor and remind myself how to use it! It's been in the cupboard for years and I've lost the manual, hurrah for the www. I really didn't fancy rubbing in the butter/flour by hand. It took the hard work out of it but I wasn't that happy with the final result and did the last bit by hand. It was fun to play and DH washed up!

The second picture is my SAL progress from yesterday afternoon, I told you I hadn't done much.

The final picture shows my last few days progress on Brown Calico, I still need to do a lot of stitching and beading on the right hand 'lump' it isn't really speaking to me yet. I've taken a photo of the whole frame so you can imagine the size of the piece.

March winds and April showers Bring forth May flowers.

Now it is March I thought of the nursery rhyme that I first saw in my Mother Goose Nursery Rhyme book that I was given when I was a tot - yes I still have the book.
March winds and April showers
Bring forth May flowers

Like the new seeds that I'm growing for the garden I have started a new stitching, a class on demand small with The Stitchers Village called Hearts and Flowers Tuffet.
It took me quite a while to decide on the fabric and threads as I said in my last post and I still haven't made a final decision on that last thread. However I have made a start on the stitching. Not much as my shoulder was complaining, but the backstitch frame on one section and 1/2 another is done in a bright red/orange Steff Francis perle silk. The fabby is Polsitches Chilblains a 28ct Jobelelan.