Thank you all for reading my rambles. All comments are read and appreciated. There have been some great comments recently so many, many thanks. I'm sorry if I haven't managed to comment on your blog I do read them as often as I can.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Holly update

Well she has now been neutered and it's amazing how quickly these little mites bounce back. The vet said she'll be a bit sleepy and stop her from jumping onto things for at least a week - fat chance! I opened the basket and she was up and out and onto the back of the chair where she likes to sleep. She was famished as well and cried for food - the first time she has done this since we got her. Here are some better picture of her antics.
This will make a good bed 
Now that cupboard looks interesting
 Yes I am in there
I got a shock this morning, just before I was due to go out, I couldn't find her and she didn't answer to my call or the food box being rattled. So DH and I went through every hiding place, opened cupboard doors etc. Eventually DH opened my wardrobe and parted the clothes and there she was all curled up and had made herself at home. She must have got in there when I was getting dressed without me noticing. Minx.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Another new project and a newcomer

Please welcome a new foster member of my family. This is Holly. Well it would be if she would stay still long enough. 
I was trying to take a photo of my new 'Precious Memories' piece and she was so keen that I made a fuss of her I had difficulty getting this photo. Holly's last owner called her Harley and I just can't get away with that as the name to me is male. Unfortunately he was an elderly gentleman who died suddenly so she was left all alone in his flat and his daughter could not look after her for various reasons. She is beautiful and so loving. Although 5years old she looks like a kitten as she is so small. There will be better pictures of her to come later.
Precious Memories WiP
I am still working on the embellishment. I did a workshop with Mandy Pattullo at Make Allendale Mill in Northumberland yesterday. I had a lovely day with like minded people, lots of remembering things that happened in our youth. The photo is my Mum, Gran and Great Gran, the map shows the Berwick - Coldstream area were I was born and my grandparents live and my father came from Coldstream. The backing runner is one that I used up to recently on my hall table. It started to pill and I felt it needed a new lease of life. The piece of embroidery is not one I did but it is similar to the arm chair covers, tablecloths etc that I embroidered for my Gran who loved having my embroidered pieces. I have included some brown paper bag and painted Bondaweb which represent my recent embroidery journeys. I still have quite a bit more embroidery to do to highlight the white-work embroidery.

Nearly forgot to say that I have now lost a stone in weight. So I am really chuffed.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


If anyone has read my journaling journeys blog you will know that I have been in Keswick for a week, supposedly for a bit of R&R with DH, we went walking, I had to visit the emergency dentist, I won't bore you with the details of that, I slipped and fell leaving a rather nasty bruise on my shin, oh yes and the antibiotics made me feel sick - a real barrel of laughs I was!
HOWEVER, the scenery was fantastic, especially when the sun came out. The wildlife around the cabin we were staying in were a hoot. Yes the ducks came calling at least twice a day and we saw lots of birds.
I've taken lots of photos and I haven't really sorted them all out yet. DH took hundreds - yes I did say hundreds and our favourite is the one I am going to share with you today. It's Castlerigg Stone Circle, much has been written about this quite inspirational place. Samuel Taylor Colderidge visited the stones with his friend William Wordsworth while they stayed nearby wrote in 1799 that a mile and a half from Keswick stands "....a Druidical circle [where] the mountains stand one behind the other, in orderly array as if evoked by and attentive to the assembly of white-vested wizards”.

Yes DH did produce this photograph and he is very proud of it. I certainly think it is as good, if not better some of the others I have seen of Castlerigg on the net.
I wrote my own few words:-
       Stone Circles
A sanctuary
Man, woman, child
Earth, Wind, Fire
A ring of mountains

Thank you for visiting and to all my new followers welcome.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


OK we are sad, but sitting watching some of the very bad music Europe have to offer. However there are one or two good ones so far and we are only up to number 7 - Sweden which started badly but warmed up towards the end. I quite liked Bosnia/H #2 and I hate to say it but Jedward gave a good show for Ireland #6

Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Just one day late, I should have posted this yesterday - sorry.

Monday, May 02, 2011

My Garden April 2011

At the end of last month I took a load of pictures of my garden. They didn't get uploaded until last week and finally I have managed to post them up on my Facebook page here.
I will just show you the best ones.
The Stone River, can you see my collection of stones? Dragon seems a bit lost on the photo and Face has a strawberry plant in the top.
 The Octagon - raised bed for veg
 Shady border - for onion and the overflow cabbages. I now have a pot of rhubarb in there as well.
 Part of the Jungle and you can just see my shed at the back with lots of spent pots with the leaky wheelbarrow. My potting table is just on the right out of shot - this is my favourite place in the morning as the sun shines on my back.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Journal 3

I have just updated my latest Journal page. Have a look by clicking on the word Journal. I would love to read your comments. Thank you to Julie, Mylene, Kate, Christine and Rachael for your lovely comments recently they are much appreciated. Fabrilicous, yes I have pots of spent Procean dyes that I keep and then forget I have. There are only so many paints a girl can have. I did pull them out to use in a spray experiment recently then had to go and buy a new water spray which is not as good as the first one I have, not fine enough to mist, just squirts water in a jet. Jane, in case you didn't see my reply to your post, I'm not sure if I would recommend that magazine, I will get it a few times before I decide. It did cause some interest at the craft club I go to the other night.