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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Inspirational Weekend

On Saturday I went to our Region 15E Quilters' Guild Regional Day. Whow was it good! In the morning there was a talk from Dorothy Osler entitled "Insight into Durham's Traditional Quilting Communities from the Diaries of a London Lady" amazing how these entrepreneurial ladies in the 30's - 50's made Northern Quilting as well known as it is now. In the afternoon, after a raffle, show and tell (when I showed my Mandy Patullo Sweetheart Pincushion) and Linus Quilts we heard about the Life of a very inspirational lady Yvonne Brown.

I was interested in Yvonne's story, not just because of her interesting life and inspiration quilts but also because of her married surname - Brown. Before I was married I was Sheila Brown. No relation whatsoever! There are lots of Browns in the UK.

When I became aware that there was a place going spare on Yvonne's workshop yesterday (Sunday) I just had to sign up. However I quickly realised that both my sewing machines were in Tully's in Sunderland and I wouldn't get them back until Monday I was bitterly disappointed. However Anne our  lovely treasurer came to the rescue and lent me her Bernina, just like mine so there was no trouble doing free machining on it.

On arrival at 9.30 in the morning Anne was already there and had set up the machine for me. I then turned round and saw an old friend from the Embroiderers' Guild, Norma, turned round again and saw Melitta who I've known for quite a few years and another friend Kate who was in my C&G class and is now on the EG regional committee with me. Call it a small world! The stitching community of Embroiderers and Quilters are so generous and I have made friends through my various craft activities because of it.

Thank you QGGB Region 15E for being so welcoming.

Sorry Blogger is not letting me post the photos I wanted to share. So you will have to make do with my report.

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Mouse said...

glad you had a wonderful time and got to see some old friends too ... and how nice that you managed to borrow a machine the same one as yours too .... love mouse xxxxx

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks Mouse. How I wish Blogger would let me publish photos from my iPad. It's really frustrating me

marion barnett said...

Sheila...yes and yes to your lutradur questions, just in case you didn't see my answer on your blog. Soldering iron and heat gun, both.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks Marion I think I am now officially following your blog and should get email reminders. Thanks for the answers to my questions. I did know in the back of my mind that they would work as I have used heat distressing before and my lovely creative QG weekend allowed me to play with Kuno felt and then a piece of Lutradur 130 Heavy Weight when I got home.

marion barnett said...

In theory, I'm writing another book on lutradur... Really Must Get On With It lol. Always happy to help.