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Thursday, September 06, 2007

A Big Thankyou

Thanks for all your comments Helen (both of you).

Stitchingranny don't call x-stitch boring. There are some fantastic pieces out there. I admire the patience and determination that people have in completing some very complicated pieces that take months and years to do.

If anything I'm very impatient and want instant gratification. I also love varied textures so love hardanger and mixed stitch and media techniques. Not that some of these are quick to complete!

Experimentation I also love and am constantly learning new techniques. So you will find that my Webshot album (Gandalfstitcer) is full of picture of many different types of stitching. I aways say I am a butterfly and flit from technique to technique and piece too piece.

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Stitchingranny said...

lol Shiela, didnt been that cross stitch in itself was boring, though I do find it far more interesting these days doing samplers and things with special stitches or hardanger.

But I do admire your flare and the fact you are always having a go at something new and exciting. Just meant I am quite happy in my own little rut plodding at the same kinds of things.