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Friday, July 03, 2009


Today I sat down and started to think about all the different projects I'm doing at the moment. I'm going to write them all down and try and work on them all in a more organised manner.
1. C&G tree trunk vessel - to be completed over the Summer holidays
2. research into the embroidery of three countries for C&G - as above
3. beaded vessel - no hurry, but I enjoy making it
4. beaded bracelet - started as a coral piece - for a friend's aquarium project but the colour might be wrong - to be worked on Thursdays
5. patchwork large portfolio bag Friday's project - must sort the cut strips and number the order by next Thursday
6. preparation for helping craft group start their Purple Rain fluffy bag - need to do that for next Thursday!

Do you think I'm doing too much? Variety is the spice of life! LOL. This doesn't leave a lot of time for the garden which has to be set in order before the 18th when I'm hosting a garden party. I'll try and let you all know how all these things are going. Off now to work on mmmmmm the beaded bracelet I think.


Julie said...

Good Luck with all your projects Sheila, lots to keep you busy

Karan said...

Best of Luck with all those projects Sheila. Enjoy! :0)