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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garden party and update

Sorry I haven't posted for a while been very busy. The garden party went well on Saturday the weather was kind to us and we were outside until 7.30 moving down the garden as the sun disappeared over the roof tops. There was loads of food left and we are still drinking the wine! Great company and lots of banter. Thank you to everyone who came and supported us.

I've finished another felted bag. Here it is before and after felting it shrank in the washing machine by nearly half, starting off very floppy as I used my broom shank needles and 8 strands of pure wool.

My beaded bracelet is growing slowly but I'm on the last run through and am nearing the end, I'll have to decide what kind of clasp to put on it.

I've done nothing to my black and white patchwork portfolio bag this week, sorry nothing to show, maybe tomorrow.

Apart from that I've been packing boxes. My study has been moved into my work room and the small bedroom is being decorated and will be reclaimed as a spare bedroom. That way I won't have to clear my study/workroom every time someone comes to stay. Photos will be coming when I'm a bit more organised.

DD is coming tomorrow so looking forward to seeing her.


Julie said...

So pleased you managed to have your garden party.

Karan said...

So glad you managed to have the garden party after all & that the weather behaved for it! :0)