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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Back home

Well I'm safely home and I had a great time in Italy. Here is a picture of the Massaria where we were staying.

If you are interested I've put a few more of my photos here. Just click and you will be taken to my webshot album.

We worked very hard sketching and painting, designing and then transfering our observations into stitch. I have three pieces finished one - a 3D 'stone' I haven't taken a photo of yet. There are also three other pieces that I'm working on. They are all samples and quite small. My sketchbook is full of my sketches not all very good I'm afraid. Have you ever tried to sketch and paint a stone - trust me it's difficult!


Karan said...

Welcome back Sheila. It looks like a beautiful place & area to stay. Love your two pieces - such gorgeous, warm autumnal colours. The photo of the tree bark is fab too - can't wait to see what you do with that. :0)

Christine said...

Your samples are wonderful Sheila, and as for the stone, since you are the only one who knows what it looked like you can safely tell everyone youe sketch is perfect ;)

Mylene said...

Welcome back! Both pieces looks great.

Julie said...

Great samples Sheila, so apt for this time of year

Lindsey said...

glad you had a good time - re stones: you have to listen to how they want to be drawn! Photos are brill! Hugs Lindsey

Marlis said...

love your two pieces!!
the pics of the masseria look so familiar to me: i have been there this past may with claire benn! beautiful place!