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Monday, December 19, 2011

40 Years and Counting

Well our big day is now over. Yesterday was our Ruby Anniversary. It was a beautiful day in the sun. We took a trip out to what could have been a tropical island - Pigeon Island - not an island now as they have build a causeway to get there. It is a nature reserve and permanent museum to colonial rule in St Lucia. The first British garrison left their mark in the form of ruins where they lived and the look-out point where they placed their guns is well worth a look-see. 

I spent most of the time at the beach because we had explored the rest of the island on our first visit there The waves were quite strong but not as bad as at our resort beach which has been dangerous the last three days. I tried the snorkel but there was't much to see, the sea was too murky. DH managed to see one fish when he swam quite close to the rocks. I also realised today that I had left the snorkel and mask behind - boo - waste of money!

Lunch was at the island's only restaurant It was lovely sitting and watching the boats in the bay. We could have been there on our own, it was very small and shaded by the trees. Beautiful. Do a Google search on Pigeon Island and see the reviews. 

We went to a restaurant called Buzz in the evening which is just over the road from the hotel and this is my before dinner drink, fantastic glass!

 and here we are trying not to look too drunk!

The day ended with a final drink talking to some people we had met in the sister hotel next door.

Today is our last full day and I have to pack tonight. Shame the trip is nearly over but then we go back to the UK and straight into Christmas. Great. Hope I packed enough warm clothes!

DH has gone out to take some last sunset shots and I've had a shower and must go now and start packing. See you all on Wednesday.


Kate said...

All sounds lovely Sheila - but hasn't it flown over!

Lindsey said...

lovely photo of you two and glad to see you're wearing your lily!

Val said...

Lovely pics Sheila - glad you are having a great time

Val x

Sheilasembroidery said...

Yes 40 years have gone by very quickly Kate and so has the last two weeks!

Julie said...

Love the header pic Sheila, very tranquil.

Have a lovely Christmas x

Mylene said...

Lovely picture of you two. Belated Happy Anniversary!