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Friday, December 30, 2011

Sampler progress

Today I completed row 5 of my 11 row Ruby Anniversary sampler. 
I'm pleased because I only started this as we set off on our holiday on the 4th December. So I'm doing quite well because I had to finish Dragonscape Hanging while I was away. It is for DS for his birthday and I wanted to give it to him on Boxing Day as I won't see him on his birthday later this month.

 I can also show you Purple Rain felted Hanging number 3 which I gave to DD and her partner for Christmas. Purple Rain 2 is mine - I posted a photo of that before and number 4 is very similar and went to DSis and her husband for Christmas.
I feel as if I've completed quite a lot over the last few months and am very happy with the results.

Happy New Year to you all, enjoy the last of the holiday and raise a glass with me at 12 midnight on the 31st.


ChrisG said...

Aaah...the sense of accomplishment can not be beat! Congratulations on the wonderful finishes. I especially like the colours in your designs. Happy New Year and be safe!

Julie said...

Super gifts, the scamper is lovely.
I hope 2012 is a productive year craft wise Sheila, I do love to see what you've been creating.

Myfanwy said...

Hope you feel well rested, Sheila. Such a busy time. Very best wishes for 2012

mdgtjulie said...

Grats on the finishes. I love the colors you're using in your projects. Purple and red and pink, oh my, lol. Hope your year is wonderful this year, and that you keep getting such good progress.