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Wednesday, October 01, 2014

1st October

Where did September go? August I was quite busy with trips to Wallington in Northumberland to demonstrate in the TWYNE exhibition 'Spirit of Wallington.' This will end on 2nd November so there is still time to catch it. Visit the Wallington National Trust site - events and get more details. 

Then I went to visit two friends' exhibition in Bellingham 'Personal Journeys' well done Helen and Gillian it looked great.

This was followed by a weekend with Area 15E Quilters' Guild and a workshop with Nancy Price. My beautiful butterfly so far.

I have since made another small butterfly to go on top of the small white one on the left. I still have to stitch the three pieces together after making the edges of the quilt.

This last weekend I was in London to visit DD and her partner. They gave me some lovely news, they are getting married in the Spring so I have lots to think about. We had a lovely long weekend, a meal with my son on the South Bank. Went to the threads show at Farnham and met some of my lovely online friends from Be  Creative. Another exhibition by Alice Fox which has now finished, Alice makes beautiful rust dyed fabrics and I was lucky enough to attend one of her workshops. here is a piece of rust dyes silk noil I dyed after the course and I am now starting to stitch into.

So now it is 1st October and a start of a new month and a new set of prompts in Be Creative. if you want to join us please use the above Be Creative link. There is no obligation to do all the prompts and you can interpret them in whatever medium you wish. We have writers, poets, artists, embroiderers, dyers and other mediums at our fingertips and it is great to see how others use the prompts to kick start their creativity.

The first prompt today is a word - DATE. Here is what I wrote this morning.

Prompt 1 - DATE

- Today's date 1/10/14
- Dates we eat
- Going out on a date

- A DATE poem
Definitely enjoying trying
Average results most of the time
Today I will do better
Everyone can have a go

- The Julian Calendar and Gregorian calendars you can read about them here:-
And here:-
Interesting reading 


Bossymamma said...

Oh gosh, Sheila, just reading about your activities haas made me tired!

Heleen Roberts van der Meer said...

Enjoy reading your blog too Sheila :) and doesn't taking part make time fly even faster?!
Before we know it we will be doing a december Be Creative ... which makes me think I should plan for some home made presents!

SheilasEmbroidery said...

It seems as if time gets faster as I get older. There is so much I want to do and so little time in each day to do it. Thank you Heleen and Dina for reading. It's only when I write it down that I realise I have so much to be pleased about.

Christine said...

Great embroidered butterflies Sheila and I love the dyed fabric. looking at it I see a tree on the horizon of an African landscape

SheilasEmbroidery said...

Thanks Christine, I see a storm behind the tree.