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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Week disappears

This week has disappeared, Monday did some work on my window hanging. Tuesday preparing for a dinner party with friends. Wednesday completed an accessory exchange for SS group, will post picture when my partner receives. Last night went to Jayne's Attic stitching club. Didn't do much stitching but decisions were made about the next steps in the design of my band sampler so I was pleased.

Whole Sampler June 5th

Here are three pictures of the sampler up to Tuesday.
Band A uses cream Marlett, Krienik very fine #4 braid, DMC perle #12 and cream petit beads.
Band B has cream Marlett and pale blue Steff Francis Silk Impressions.

Top and Middle of sampler

Band C is the pale blue SF silk with, at the moment, a twirly drop bead, this might alter if I find some small heart beads.
Band D uses the pale blue SF Silk and dark ble Dinky Dies Silk. Yesterday I added a pot in Blackwork with the dark blue silk and decided on a Carries thread for the stems and leaves with cream Marlett for the flowers. I haven't taken a photo of this yet will do when I've completed a bit more of the band.

I've had two good nights sleep so I'm pleased, my back is still sore this morning so back to see the Chiropractor later today.

I was interrupted while writing this entry - I had a delivery of small plants from Jersey Direct - 7.30 in the morning! That's over and above the call of duty for a delivery! They have to be rested for 24 hours indoors before planting out. So guess what I'll be doing tomorrow :)


Stitchingranny said...

Didnt know you had a blog Shiela, will add you to my evergrowing list lol.

The work on your band sampler is lovely and I look forward to seeing it grow.

Sheilasembroidery said...

There you go Helen, I've had it for ages but have only really started using it properly recently.

Thanks for your comment. I have your Webshots album in my favourites.