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Monday, August 03, 2009


Flaming August? Well yes it was yesterday. DD is up from London for a few days and we went to The Summer Flower Show in Gateshead. We had a lovely day, wonderful flowers, lots of crafty items and plants by the pot-fulls.

We watched a demo on potting up hanging baskets by a local garden center. Even though I've done HBs for years he gave some good tips.

I bought, some new parsley, curly and flat leafed as I've used up all of mine and the stuff I grew from seed seems to have disappeared or isn't really ready to be cut. A new Abutilon, a baby bottle brush, another plant I can't remember the name of at the moment, a few bulbs and two cyclamen corms and finally at the end of the day we picked up - literally, three big glazed pots for ten quid. I have to say the herbs were half price as it was near the end of the show, the bulbs I got 10 for the price of 8 and the two very strange looking cyclamen corms I got a BOGOF. (Buy One Get One Free).

In the craft sales tent I got a lovely new necklace - it took me ages to choose which one and DD got a large ball of 'wool' to try out my big crochet hook.

Stitching wise I can't show you any pictures as I'm working on some new ATC's, the first lot went before I had time to take photos. I've completed my big knit bag. The two pictures show a before and after felting.

My painted pots are increasing in numbers and my first proper picture pot now has my shed and arch, the start of the fox gloves and some tobaco plant flowers on the arch. I never thought I'd be able to do realistic painting but Sandra - my tutor - is encouraging me all the way. Many thanks Sandra.


Clare - Aimetu said...

I love your knit bag :) I love herbs, they look really healthy.

jane said...

sounds like you had some good buys there Sheila, the necklace is lovely.

Julie said...

Great bargains, that ball of wool looks very interesting, please can we see pics when your DD crotchets it up?? LOL your knit bag is lovely too

Karan said...

Lovely bargains there Sheila. Pretty necklace. Be interested in seeing your DD's piece - not seen "wool" like that before. :0)
The felted bag looks lovely & I love your painted pots. :0)

The Crafts House said...

..love the pictures of the painted pots..wait till the canvas you paint gets posted!!hug sandra