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Sunday, May 15, 2011


If anyone has read my journaling journeys blog you will know that I have been in Keswick for a week, supposedly for a bit of R&R with DH, we went walking, I had to visit the emergency dentist, I won't bore you with the details of that, I slipped and fell leaving a rather nasty bruise on my shin, oh yes and the antibiotics made me feel sick - a real barrel of laughs I was!
HOWEVER, the scenery was fantastic, especially when the sun came out. The wildlife around the cabin we were staying in were a hoot. Yes the ducks came calling at least twice a day and we saw lots of birds.
I've taken lots of photos and I haven't really sorted them all out yet. DH took hundreds - yes I did say hundreds and our favourite is the one I am going to share with you today. It's Castlerigg Stone Circle, much has been written about this quite inspirational place. Samuel Taylor Colderidge visited the stones with his friend William Wordsworth while they stayed nearby wrote in 1799 that a mile and a half from Keswick stands "....a Druidical circle [where] the mountains stand one behind the other, in orderly array as if evoked by and attentive to the assembly of white-vested wizards”.

Yes DH did produce this photograph and he is very proud of it. I certainly think it is as good, if not better some of the others I have seen of Castlerigg on the net.
I wrote my own few words:-
       Stone Circles
A sanctuary
Man, woman, child
Earth, Wind, Fire
A ring of mountains

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Lisa said...

Wow, what a fabulous photo, I'm not surprised you and your DH are proud of it. Glad you had a good time but sorry you had the drama you did and hope you're healing well now.

Val said...

Beautiful photo Sheila ... we haven't been over to the Lakes for a few years - must try this year x

Gillie said...

I agree it is very good. Will be visiting Keswick on Thursday but not sure where we will go as I will be with Americans on a very tight skedule lol!

Julie said...

Great pic, well done DH. I like your words Sheila.

Hope your tooth is better now and you are feeling much brighter xx

Mylene said...

Amazing view! Thanks for sharing.
Hope you feel much better by now.

Karan said...

Wow - my favourite place in the LD & it's a superb photo Sheila. Well done to your DH. :0) How on earth did you manage to get a pic without lots of people in it, though? There are always loads of people there when we go. Shame it wasn't such a good time for you though (((((hugs))))).

Karan said...

Oops... forgot to say that I love your words about it, perfect summing up. :0)