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Monday, May 23, 2011

Another new project and a newcomer

Please welcome a new foster member of my family. This is Holly. Well it would be if she would stay still long enough. 
I was trying to take a photo of my new 'Precious Memories' piece and she was so keen that I made a fuss of her I had difficulty getting this photo. Holly's last owner called her Harley and I just can't get away with that as the name to me is male. Unfortunately he was an elderly gentleman who died suddenly so she was left all alone in his flat and his daughter could not look after her for various reasons. She is beautiful and so loving. Although 5years old she looks like a kitten as she is so small. There will be better pictures of her to come later.
Precious Memories WiP
I am still working on the embellishment. I did a workshop with Mandy Pattullo at Make Allendale Mill in Northumberland yesterday. I had a lovely day with like minded people, lots of remembering things that happened in our youth. The photo is my Mum, Gran and Great Gran, the map shows the Berwick - Coldstream area were I was born and my grandparents live and my father came from Coldstream. The backing runner is one that I used up to recently on my hall table. It started to pill and I felt it needed a new lease of life. The piece of embroidery is not one I did but it is similar to the arm chair covers, tablecloths etc that I embroidered for my Gran who loved having my embroidered pieces. I have included some brown paper bag and painted Bondaweb which represent my recent embroidery journeys. I still have quite a bit more embroidery to do to highlight the white-work embroidery.

Nearly forgot to say that I have now lost a stone in weight. So I am really chuffed.


Val said...

Lovely photos Sheila - lost a stone !!!! well done you x

Lindsey said...

haha - fostered soon to be adopted then? Lovely work especially the photo! Hugs

Julie said...

Well done on the weightloss Sheila

Holly looks a livewire LOL

A wonderful memory piece, i just wrote a blog post myself with family memories in it!

Mylene said...

Prcious memories looks great and sounds like you had lovely time at the workshop!
Congrats on the weight loss!!

Christine said...

The memory piece is wonderful.
Looking forward to a proper pic of Holly when she stands still long enough!
PS there is a girl called Harleigh at the school I work in, I think its one of those names that can be either

Kate said...

Well done Sheila - fabulous weight loss!
Love your memory piece - off the investigate the website now.
Welcome to Holly too. BTW I know a fenale Harley!

Pat said...

This looks great, Sheila. I think it is lovely to 're-junvenate' old pieces of embroidery. Such a shame they are just discarded. Holly looks a poppet - I have a Holly too but my baby is 14. We also have another tabby who, like yours had to have a name change. We inherited her from former neighbours who had christened her Thomas and it was only when she/he went to be speyed that we found a name change was needed. We chose Tabby to try and keep some semblance for her!

Lisa said...

Oh what a cutie Holly is!
Love your new project, so original and such wonderful memories.
Well done on your weight loss, you're doing great.

Helen Cowans said...

Catching up with blogs and emails. Love the memories piece. Good luck with those cats! Good to see you yesterday, hope you found Pete ok!