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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stash Clear out

Well really a stash clear up. DS here for a visit and in order to give him a bed to sleep on I had to tidy my work room. (Sorry I don't have before and after pictures) but you wouldn't really like to see the mess, boxes and plastic bags everywhere.Well that's not the whole truth either - I was getting to the stage where I couldn't find things. So the last week I've been sorting and finding things I forgot I had in order to put them back in their rightful place. I have a very bad habit of going on courses and leaving the bags/boxes unsorted. Two things I was looking for, my felting needles and a piece of work called 'Purple Calico' Well the good news is I found 'Purple Calico' but not my felting needles, I bought some more for the felting I did at the weekend. I also found lots of my speciality threads which had been taken out for a variety of projects and never got back in their rightful places. So they are all sorted again. I really do have an awful lot of stash!

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