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Monday, June 29, 2009

My Rambles Part 2

I came back from my rambles to find my first flush of pink on one of my tumbling toms. Hurrah, they are small but I'm so pleased that all the efforts are starting to show.

As you know from my earlier post we went away to North Yorkshire for a few days. On Friday we did a rather wet walk near Leyburn, not all that interesting as the mist(low cloud) obscured much of the scenery.

On Saturday I did a workshop making some free form beaded elements, small bell/flower shapes using some different beading stitches. The main piece I'm now working on was the start of a small beaded vessel. The inspiration for it is the log in my garden which seems to be influencing much of my work at the moment. The finished piece is NOT mine but the tutor's, Sandra Wallace, and I just had to make one. The small scraps on the brown velvet are the pieces I made on Saturday, not much for a whole day's work but I learned a lot and I have gone on to make more. see the red velvet samples which is a better close up of the small elements along with the extra flower I made on Saturday night.

My little vessel is growing and I am pleased with it. Still quite a bit more to do though and lots of threads to tie in yet. The next photo shows the two free form dangles I made before I went down on the course and I really didn't know what I was doing. However from these two came two that are now on my log vessel.

The final photo today shows the flowers that will adorn the top of my 'log' however after carrying them around in a carry pouch over the weekend the flowers need a bit more work and I've put them back onto dissolvable and am putting some hand stitches onto them. I'm going to see my tutor on Friday when I'll show her all the pieces that will make up my 'log'. After that it will just be a matter of stitching all the pieces together and doing my backup work


Mylene said...

wow! you are doing great with the beading.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Fantastic beading - you've picked that up really quickly :)

Karan said...

The beaded elements are gorgeous. I so can't wait to see the completed vessel Sheila. :0)