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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Productive Day

Well week really. I finished my patchwork bag after fighting my machine with the Indian metallic thread. Got to say I won in the end.

I've also done some more to my vessel, the lining is in loose and flowers are now sprouting from the top and butterflies and bugs are dangling.

Got to say that all these components are not fixed yet and I'm still playing with the look. It probably won't go much further now until I see Karen (my tutor). They are all just pinned on and I have a few more machine stitched pieces that may - or may not - be put on.

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Karan said...

Glad you're feeling much better Sheila. I love that bag, it's gorgeous! Also love how you are developing the vessel - can't wait to see how you finally put it all together. :0)