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Monday, January 11, 2010

Crochet bag

I got my last copy of Let's Knit last week and tried do make a small bag to use up the bamboo handles. My first choice was the cable wave pattern but couldn't get the pattern to work so started on a crochet bag instead. I showed you the start, this is the completed item.
I had to adapt the pattern because of the yarn I used made a much wider piece, so I turned the crochet on it's side and made a much bigger flower on the front. I had to scan the bag because when I took a photo it just didn't show up the flower on the front. I also had to play with the handle fastening as the first one wasn't wide enough so it all came out and made wider. I haven't forgotten my panel, the last section is well on it's way to completion, I'll probably work on that today.


Karan said...

Fabulous bag Sheila - just the thong to brighten a dull day. Makes me think of high summer lushness. :0)

Christine said...

Ooh, funky bag!
Just the "thOng" Karan? Freudian slip???

Always smiling said...

That bag is amazing, clever you I love the colour.
And the wintery tree photo is lovely, its nice to look at the snow but horrible to get out and about in, like you I am a retired Primary Teacher and love being home all day!
Happy knitting and stitching
Chris x

Julie said...

What a cool bag, super nice and bright colours