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Friday, January 01, 2010

New year Poem

New Year Poem prompted by a blog I was reading, some of you may have had it sent to you already. This is for the rest of you. I have a very, very slow connection here in Leicester as it is a shared one with SiL next door. So I apologise to those of you who I've read your blog and been unable to comment because I was thrown out due to the connection. I just hope that this gets through.
As one year end
A new one starts
I hope you get
What's in your heart.

My last finish
can now be shown as it was a hanging for my sister.

My New Start
A free-form embroidery stitched on tea dyed calico and will be a bit of a sampler showing lots of different stitches. It will be made into a cover for a sketchbook.


Lindsey said...

My hanging looks fabulous!

Jan said...

Here's to fresh starts and new beginnings

Christine said...

Gorgeous hanging and the new start looks fantastic

Julie said...

Great hanging, i like the new start too.

Wishing you a happy new year, i hope you achieve all your resolutions.

Karan said...

Love the hanging - reminds me of autumn & earthy colours. Bet it's very touchy feely too, with being so textural. Great new start. :0)