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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New project part 3

Now I ironed the 3rd piece of painted Bondaweb  onto another piece of white cotton.
 Note the difference in size, I used the full sheet this time.
I then cut up the stitched piece and ironed it onto the 3rd piece.

offsetting each strip. Note also that the cuts are always done at 90 degrees to the cut before.

The final part today was to stitch down each of the strips to hold them permanently in place. I discovered that some of the paint on the 3rd large sheet was quite thick and stopped the Bondaweb sticking properly. So I'm pleased I decided to stitch each strip from the beginning. However the stitching was still able to go through the layers quite easily.

Tomorrows work will be slightly differently put together as I have no more painted Bondaweb left. Also the piece I have is quite big now and if I continued in this way the piece would be ginormous!

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