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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What I've been up to

Most of what I've been doing I can't show you as it's for a Valentine's Swap. I'm knitting and I'm painting and trying something, just a bit new. Will let you see after the 14th February.
I've also tried a bit of Batik work. Last time I tried it I knew I wasn't very good I drip all over the place. Here is the fabric I created and some of the mop up cloths I painted with the left over dye. It was a synthetic cotton and has bubbled a bit, wish I'd used pure cotton.

It's going to be made into a small bag. I already have the fabric for the lining (Or it may turn into the outside and my blotchy fabric the lining, can't make my mind up! What do you think?)

I got a metre of this fabric ages ago in John Lewis sale box - I thought it was a bargain at £4.95


Lindsey said...

your beautiful batik on the outside pls!

Christine said...

Your batik is lovely Sheila, far too nice to be hidden away as lining!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Sorry too late, I've cut out the pieces and the inside lining is stitched, it really wasn't that good, you will see some as a trim.