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Monday, January 10, 2011

New Start

Well after reading a few blogs this morning I decided that despite having a gunky throat I should start a new project - BUT - my workroom was a mess.

The floor had things all over and I couldn't work on either of my desks as they were covered in 'things'. I even had an ironing board up and covered with 'things'

So I set to and cleared the tops, found things I'd forgotten about.
I even hoovered the floor - it hadn't been done since before Christmas.

I found these inspirational books and poster that I got when visiting the Mucha Museum in Prague

Even this which gave me an idea for some ATCs I've promised to make.

And I now have a work desk ready to start. Now what was the project that first got me started on all of this?

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Anonymous said...

Well done you!! I had a tidy up yesterday too. I always feel better when I have a clean working space - ready for the next batch of mess!!!