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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Postie arrives

Today the postman brought me my three printing blocks from Colouricious, they are fab and fantastic delivery as I only ordered them yesterday. 
Then my google eyes arrived for my beanbugs.

I finished my yellow crochet brooch it's enormous, the photo dosn't really show how big it is.

This is a photo of a small mixed media piece I've just finished. I  painted the board quite a while ago and it got cleared away in one of my clear ups and I've just discovered it. I was looking for a button for my box when I found it. So I finished it off with some of my buttons and home made charms.

Lastly Here is my cling film fabric box. The fabric trapped between cling film came from my TUSAL from last year.


Lindsey said...

lovely stuff, I really like the mixed media picture, reminds me of that picture made of bits of clocks.

Julie said...

Brilliant post, what a lovely collection of crafting items

Karan said...

Love the variety of items you make Sheila... but the box is an all time favourite, it's gorgeous. :0)