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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


No not this month but it will be our Ruby anniversary in December and DH booked our holiday away last night. We will be in St Lucia in the Bahamas for two weeks just before Christmas. Bliss.
Here is a picture of the pool and that building in the middle is a bar, yes you have to swim to it!

Can you understand how excited I am?
We will be back just a few days before Christmas so can still spend it with the family.
DH is now booking our usual trip to Gran Canaria for September. So that is two holidays to look forward to this year. He will probably get his way and we will have another trip away in the UK around March as well.


Val said...

Oh what a holiday to look forward to Sheila ... we had been married 44 years gone October - how time flies doesn't it ?

Christine said...

That looks beautiful Sheila, how exciting for you

Lindsey said...

looks just lovely - sun swimming and drinking!

Karan said...

An absolutely fabulous way of celebrating Sheila - you must be dancing in the air! :0)