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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Tuesday in London

Had a great day in DS's garden. Before we started the whole garden was a wilderness covered in these small shrubs - foreground and a wild meadow.

On Sunday we chopped down a lot of the meadow, now you can see the position of the proposed shed but has left a scorched earth area.

I am clearing the path down the side of the house which actually has paving slabs, when we arrived you had to fight your way through the undergrowth! Sorry no photo of that yet. there's a lovely Wysteria on the fence and I've been able to rescue most of that.

Here are more photos of the garden.

Trees and bushes screen the railway line - shame about the noise.

DH overseeing the progress - he has spent the week in the house building much needed cupboards in the bedrooms.

DS clearing the bushes as there is a fence to go down the left hand side of the garden - roughly the brown line you can see in the picture.

In the afternoon I took to the shade under the fruit trees in the middle of the garden and actually did some stitching although as there are no comfy chairs I soon fell asleep :)

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