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Monday, May 21, 2007

Visit to Oxford Street

Well actually I went to meet up with DS in Chancery Lane to see a mosaic shop that was closed, typical! Then I left him and went on my way to visit Liberty. On the way I went past The British Museum and had to go in. Saw the Africa exhibition, some brilliant textiles and an art installation representing a cloak made of the foil strips torn from wine bottles, they were all patched together like a crazy patchwork quilt. Must go back with my camera and take some photos.

OK I spent longer in there than I had intended and it was raining when I got outside. Anyway I went on my way towards Oxford Street. Unfortunately I turned the wrong way down New Oxford St and ended up in High Holborn. Turned round and walked all the way back via an electronics shop. Then not wanting to walk down Oxford St with all the crowds - too many umbrellas! so I ducked down some of the side streets and found The Silk Shop and riffled through the remnants, found some lovely pieces to be used in my embroideries, including some lovely metallic voile and a fancy silk with lovely textures - not sure what I'm going to use that for yet! Oh yes and a piece of trimming.

More rambling and I found an art shop and bought a few experimental liquids to play with. Then round Soho Square and found a lovely cafe for lunch before heading onwards always getting closer to Liberty, my ultimate goal, got lost a couple of times but after consulting the map found Liberty and bought some lovely body cleanser, a new toilet bag and a plant for DS.

By now I was shattered and made my way back to Forest Gate. After getting off the train I went in search of a pot to put DS's plant in and bought a lovely Indian scarf in the second hand shop for 50p - just got it for the lovely tassles on the end! A good haul for one day :)

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