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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy 2006

My New Year resolution is to try and make a blog entry every day. I know I won't make it but I'll try.

Christmas was great as we had DD and partner and DS there, it was lovely to be a big family again. The two cats got on quite well really, I worried unduly.

New Year was spent with DH's family in Leicester

We go back home today and I intend to have a quiet few days catching up and perhaps even doing some sewing. I'm nearly at the end of a blackwork piece. I designed this myself, it's stitched on a piece of linen over white felt, when complete I'm going to try and withdraw the linen so that the design is left on the felt - well that's the theory, not sure if it will work in practice.

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Stitchingranny said...

Happy New Year Shiela. The leaves look good and will look fantastic on the white felt if it works.

Whereabouts in Leicestershire to the Inlaws live? I ask because we are literally 5 mins from the border with Leicestershire and Keith works in Loughborough.