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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Big decisions to be made

Over the last two weeks I have met up with some of my C&G friends, both from Ashington and Durham. I now have to decide whether I will carry on with my studies next academic year. For those reading who don't know I have completed my C&Gs Certificates in Design (Embroidery) and (Patchwork & Quilting) - 4 years study part time, with one year out to rest. Last year I started the Diploma course but for lots of reasons decided to take a year out this year. I've really enjoyed the freedom of doing my own thing during that time. However I only have three years to complete the course so would have to complete next year. Can I do it - yes - if I restart my studies NOW. If I don't then all the work I did last year will be wasted. I do enjoy parts of the course and have learned an awful lot from doing it. I must talk to tutors about this as I am torn.

Sorry for the unburdening (? is there such a word?) I just find writing my thoughts down helps.


Lynn said...

I think the choice has to be down to you, after all it's you that will be doing it all, but if you decide not to go ahead, please don't think that the work you've done before has been wasted, as I'm sure you've learned a lot from it, and can put it in practise in other ways.
Good luck which ever way you go :)

Julie said...

Good Luck with the decision Sheila.

I guess the main question is will all the hours of study bring as much reward to you as the time that you will have lost to other hobbies etc??

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks for your comments girls. I think it's just the awkward s** in me that hates to give up.I do enjoy the start of projects and loved visiting the museums to do the research it's the final putting together of everything and the presentation that takes so much time and I start to loose interest - I'm a true butterfly and find it difficult to settle on something for long periods of time. Hence the reason I have so many UFO's and WiPs.I wish I could just be a bit more organised and disciplined.

Karan said...

Can't add any more than Julie or Lynn has. Just want to wish you well with whatever you decide. :0)