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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Good Gardening Day

Pete and I have spent all day in the garden. I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Potting up all my little (& big) seedlings. I still have some French Marigolds and Petunias to go in the hanging baskets and pots which are now safely tucked up in bed in the back of our garage. A few years ago Pete rebuilt the garage and gave me a potting bench at the back so not everything has to be in the kitchen, on the table and on every available windowsill that gets the sun. It's south facing and has lots of natural light, almost like a mini lean to greenhouse.

This year he is going to deconstruct the shed, replace all the rotten timber and put a potting/greenhouse extension onto that. I wouldn't wait to see it complete, we are emptying the shed at the moment and finding homes in stacking boxes until they can go into the 'new' shed. It might be next year before that happens!

I'll try ans take a few pictures tomorrow so you can see what I mean. In the meantime these are old photos before the garage extension. I love this photo taken in the autumn.
and the shed as seen through my arch on a very wet day and lots of mess in front of it.
Archway in the rain


Julie said...

Happy Gardening, myDH has spent most of the day pottering in his greenhouse

jane said...

Sounds like an enjoyable day - post a pic of your hanging baskets for us in the summer please.

Karan said...

Lovely house & garden Sheila. Sounds like you had an enjoyable time. :0)