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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday again

Well one more week over. The shed has been deconstructed and is being reconstructed with replacements for the rotten panels and the new extension. I hope to take some pictures once there is something to see. At the moment it looks more like a builder's yard. My hanging baskets and tomato plants are looking good and the tumbling toms have flowers already. Something is eating the French marigolds grrrrrr. I've also lost some of the cucumber plants but the beans, sweet peas and lettuce looks good. I still have plenty of seedlings waiting to be potted on. Yesterday we got the bargain of the week at B&Q. An aluminium garden table and 1 chair all for £20. They are white but I'm going to paint them green to match the table and chairs I already have.


Julie said...

Great bargain!

Karan said...

Top bargain. Sounds like everything is blooming well. :0)