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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Tomorrow is this blogs 4th anniversary. I can't believe I've had it that long but my first entry was on Wednesday April 20th 2005. You can see the entry here. Boy have I come on since then! I've got to admit that my first entries were quite basic and I didn't make that many for quite a long time. I've written down all names from the two blogaversary messages and thank you to everyone who left messages, I'll get DH to draw out the winner.

Yesterday I went to see a Physio and he reckons that I have actually sprained two of my vertibra and that is what caused the terrible pain I was in for so long. He did a bit of manipulation but spent a lot of time talking to me about the symptoms and then testing my shoulder and neck movements. After all this he felt almost 100% certain that is what is was and the swelling caused by the sprain effects all the nerve endings, hence the feeling that it was in my shoulder blade and chest. I wish I had seen him earlier and then I may not have been in such pain for over 5 weeks. While I am much, much better I am still taking Ibuprofin twice a day and my full movement is still slightly restricted. I'm going back for more manipulation on Tuesday and he will look at my lower back as well which has caused me lots of problems over the years.

Today has been a swim, walk and garden day. With just a little bit of 'work' in between. It was so nice to see the sun again, while the rest of the country have had nice weather over the last few days the NE has been cold and cloudy with a lot of sea fret - that's the one disadvantage of living by the coast.


Julie said...

Hope he can get you some much needed relief and you are soon pain free.

Mr Sun was nice and came out here this weekend too, it does life the spirits somewhat

Clare - Aimetu said...

Happy 4th anniversary Sheila :)

I'm pleased to hear your are being "sorted" - hope you will soon be completely better.

Mylene said...

Happy blogoversary, Sheila!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

jane said...

physiotherapy can be a wonderful thing - hope you can get more relief from the pain. Congratulations on the blogaversary!

Karan said...

Hope the physio visits really sort things out for you Sheila - constant pain is so draining. It's been good to see the sun here too - been out in the garden a time or three. :0)