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Thursday, April 14, 2011

African bag project 2

I showed you some fabric I cut for a new project on Tuesday. Today I used a knotted stitch to stitch the pieces together into two long thin rectangles. I had worked out the pattern and made a paper mock up while at Durham so it was just a measure, cut and stitch exercise. The sizes are quite important as the two rectangles need to be the same size when stitched together. The yellow looks very white in the photo but is actually quite a bright yellow.
I really like the knot stitch that Mary showed us, it is similar to our blanket stitch, but with a knot in it. The knots are actually on the back of the piece and very difficult to see on the red fabric. On the front it gives lovely regular marks and a nice flat seam. A lot of the fabric we saw was stitched with tiny knot stitches with the knots sitting in the seam. I decided that I wanted to emphasise the regular parallel marks made by this stitch once the seam is opened out.

Did anyone notice I now have a new ironing board cover. My old pebbles one had paint and gunk all over it. 
It's still there underneath for when I do messy work. The new purple cover is easy to remove unlike other ones I have had. However it isn't very smooth - yet!

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