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Sunday, April 17, 2011

I love buttons

For some time I had several button jars. They were of different shapes and sizes and I loved them.
It took me back to my childhood when I sorted Granny's button box, whenever I went to visit. I inherited it!
Unfortunately like my other stash, I discover I have the button hoarding gene and one box became 4 jars. It became much harder to sort the buttons and as they were all mixed up finding just the right one or two became more difficult. They all had to be tipped out and sorted, yet again. Along came small Ikea storage jars and once more they were sorted into rough colours, aren't they great?
I still have the four big jars I need some more Ikea ones! I keep resorting them and discovering that the purple, red and pink ones have been all mixed together. That just won't do.
What set of the re-sorting? I needed some small buttons for my African bag and it took ages to find just the right ones. It's very therapeutic when watching TV.


Hazel said...

I LOVE your button jars! x

Rachael xxx said...

Oh I love little jars of buttons, I have a nescafe jar with buttos as I don't have as many as you ...yet lol
Good luck with the weight loss

Val said...

I also had loads of buttons when I did dressmaking and knitting - but when I wanted buttons I could nevver find the ones I wanted in my collection !! Always had to buy more .. x

Kate said...

I love buttons and button boxes. I recently got my Mum's - not that there was much left in them but they are lovely to have. Looking at your collection I think you may need to start BA - Buttons Anonymous!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Big grin Kate, Rachael, that's how I started with a coffee jar. Thanks all for your comments

Julie said...

Well done on the weight loss Sheila! Hope you are feeling much better now after your sore throat etc

Super african bag project, bright and zingy colours

I have DH's mums old button tin and one of my own, my kids used to love to sort through them and sort them into piles of colours when they were younger

MargaretR said...

I too love buttons Sheila. I think you also love purples and mauves?
Well done on the weight loss, you have a wonderful supportive DH, it must make things a lot easier for you.