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Friday, April 15, 2011

Not much done today

Didn't feel to good today, the cough and sore chest are still there and I'm going to have to miss my trip out tomorrow with the Guild. I was going to Paxton House near Berwick to see The Battle of Preston Pans Tapestry. Anyway not much done to my project, however I've done a bit of a tidy up on my sketchbook and here are a few pages, sorry the pencil marks aren't all that clear.
Sketchbook cover                            
Front page     

 Bookmark and Postcard

Observed notes
Designs and trials
further designs

 Fabric folded in order
 Paper mock ups
 Pattern pieces

 Decoration 1

Decoration 2
Still more design trials to do, I think I'll put on some buttons


Kate said...

Sorry you're missing your visit Sheila - hope you feel better soon.

Val said...

Shame you have to miss your day out - get well soon Sheila x