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Friday, April 01, 2011

Playing with natural and chemical dyes

Had great fun over the last few days playing with dyes.

These are my wool yarn samples hanging out to dry. they were dyed with a blue and red chemical (acid) dye and fixed in the microwave. I like some of the colours, but was disappointed with others.
Today I am dying small quantities of wool and cotton with madder, a weed! this is a l o n g process and was started on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing the results. It looks good so far. However the proof of the pudding...... will be when it's all out of the pan, washed and dried. so a little while yet before I know.

Scouring bowl

 Boiling pan

 Hanging skeins to dry


Christine said...

Ooh, Chemistry! I'm looking forward to seeing how the madder dyed wool dries.

Lindsey said...

the colours are beautiful! Oh and so is my postcard - thanks