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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wool Dye Experiment number 4

Did I tell you about the food colour dyes I tried last week? They were a disaster. I used Morrison's food colour and the dye just bled away when I washed the wool, anyway it would have been sooooo pale. Yesterday I did the experiment again with Dr Okter food colouring from Tesco. This is the result. I only used natural red and blue - the only blue and red they had. The red is quite orangy and the blue almost turquoise so as a result I have green in there. I know the photo on my screen doesn't look green, but it is definitely green.
the tails are a synthetic yarn with knots so that I can identify the colour recipe. I am a happy bunny - well I would be if I wasn't coughing so much. Off to the Docs in an hour as my ribs are hurting and talking for any length of time is a disaster.

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Val said...

They look realy good Sheila - well done x