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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Clock Journal

I've spent this afternoon working on my Clock Journal. This is going towards an exhibition later this year. I have almost completed one embroidered item and have another to start. This journal will go towards explaining some of my thoughts and how I made decisions for these pieces.

This is the journal front - I used some of my painted serviettes in the background.

 This page has some lovely markings from the doily stained with coffee 

I made pockets by stitching them in place to hold some fabric sample coloured with Bonda-web, transfer foils and stitching.

This page was unfinished when I took this photograph. It has now been completed. They are i-chord samples, I wasn't sure which colour to use, so I had to do several. Decision has now been made and the small pieces are waiting to be stitched onto my work.

So sorry I can't share the stitching until the exhibition is up which won't be until August.

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Christine said...

That's lovely Sheila