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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It must be Spring!

Oh yes despite the weather I feel Spring is here. Why? you ask. Yesterday I walked down to the local shops - just 5 minutes away - to collect my good Winter coat (which I don't wear very often). I had taken it to Mendys on Front Street and asked them to replace the pocket which for several years has had a BIG hole. BUT I hear you cry why pay someone to do a job you could do yourself? That is true I had intended to do it, however I know that I would not have done it well and because it was an expensive, good looking coat I didn't want to spoil it.

I digress, while walking in the sunshine I realised I had gone out in a jumper and fleece waistcoat and I didn't feel cold! 

Then in one of the gardens I saw some small catkins. I didn't take a photo as I didn't have my camera with me. I have to do the same walk today so must remember to take it with me.

The days are finally starting to draw out and we have had a few days of partial sunshine - not today which is dull and damp.

I am in a flurry of sorting and clearing and cleaning. Yes I do clean - sometimes. I'm having a 'short' break to have a cup of tea in the middle of cleaning the kitchen sitting at my kitchen table. However typing is quite difficult because cat number 1 insists that lying between my arms, sitting in front of the screen and walking up and down in front of the screen is a good thing.

Final Point I have had a 'spring clean' of some of my crafting stash. Regular followers will know what I mean.

Coming back to the title of this post - all of the above make me feel that 'Spring has Sprung'. At the same time I am aware that those of you who live in the south of the UK will not agree with this sentiment. I feel so upset that so many people may have had to leave their homes and possessions behind.

Well my tea break is over so I must review this post and get back to it. Bye for now and thank you for reading to the bitter end.

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