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Saturday, February 01, 2014


Well February, my birthday month, started well today with sunshine. The first we've seen for quite some time here on the NE coast. It looked beautiful! 

Later in the morning we went for a walk - just a mundane food shopping trip. BUT the clouds had started to roll over and it was bitterly cold!

I walked down to our local Embroiderers' Guild meeting by which time the wind had started to blow the clouds in and it was still bitterly cold. We had a nice small workshop - no creativity - but we had a good natter and catch-up. I felt very bad that I hadn't completed the small needle woven butterfly I started at a day workshop last month. I've completed the two large wings and everyone loved my colour combination. I must keep this project near the top of my TO DO list.

By this time the wind was really blowing a gale and I was nearly blown over as I walked past a road end. However we noticed that at 4.45pm there was still light in the sky, the days are really starting to draw out again. Amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to lift the spirits!

As part of a project I am taking part in I am researching old clocks. If anyone comes across good photographs please let me know. I'm sick of looking at clocks on Google images.

There is a beautiful French clock I found on the Bonhams website. I can't download the photo but if you click on the Bonhams link it should show in your browser. So I have started brainstorming different types of clocks. Again if you know of a different type of clock that I may have forgotten, let me know.

Here is a picture of one of the long-case clocks at Wallington Hall and a very interesting table clock. Sorry they are not very good pictures - the light wasn't very good when I was there and I was using my small i-Pod so not a very steady hand.

That's all for now. More about this project later. I can't give too much away at the moment. It is stitching related! Honestly!

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