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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Winter is back!

Forget what I said yesterday morning. Winter is back with a vengeance because we had snow overnight. Not much but it has left today feeling very cold and dark. However I promised you a picture  of catkins and here it is.

During the morning I discovered Cat no 1 (Holly to give her her proper name) rooting around under the TV.

We are decorating this room so I wondered if one of her toys had ventured under there. Later on I discovered this little felted ball in the hall. 

So I returned it to it's home inside my lap tray. can you see it?

Every time I went into the room I found the small felted ball somewhere else. So I decided to stand and watch what happened, camera in hand. Here goes. 
What is this?
 It's not me honest!

Later in the afternoon she decided that she had had enough of that game and lay down beside me and fell asleep

Or so I thought! One eye is still watching!

You might notice that I have my apron on because I had just been playing with my fabric journal and the papers that I showed you the other day. The fabric journal is starting to move on. I have stitched some new papers into it. A magazine bought by mistake - I'll never do some of the projects in it - but it was beautifully set out with some lovely torn papers decorating the edges of some of the pages. So out they came and torn up into strips.

Here are some glimpses of the pages now. Some stitched, others waiting to be stitched. You can't really tell from these photographs the relative sizes of each piece.

The last one still needs to be stitched. The small beaded piece was something I picked up at a Vintage Fair and I felt it fitted into my theme of erosion. Most of the beads are still there but if you look carefully they are starting to come away. I think it looks a bit like a butterfly or a jeweled moth. This is going to be a very small book that will sit inside the pocket in the journal.

Last of all to show you - thank goodness you say - are my three new knitted beads. I think I will make a series of the same for my next necklace. The yarn is beautiful, short runs of colour with a sparkle through it. The photo doesn't really do it justice.

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