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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Tidy V Disorganised?

Well I usually know where everything is! That is until I loose something! Then I realise that it really is time to tidy up my workroom.

I have searched the house for something that is quite precious to me and my family. I really don't know where I have put it. While looking I have found:-

1) I can no longer access my family tree on Genes Re-United - it's been so long since I visited.
2) The lovely trolley full of stuff that has been there for a year - I know because it was filled with the remnants of a course I did. Now everything is back in it's rightful place because I will need the trolley soon.
3) A blanket to replace the white one the cat has been using for a bed.
4) A metal box that will be great for some of my beads
5) I can now walk into my workroom without tripping over things.
6) Yes I can throw things out because they are really of no use any more! Not much though!
7) I now have no time to do my creative 15mins but I can console myself because this is what I created today on a course with Mandy Putullo

It is still looking a bit lumpy and bumpy but it will look much better after a little more tweaking. 

The ladies in the photo are my Mum - Agnes, her Mum, my Gran - Isabella and her Mum, my Great Grandmother and there is my problem. I can't remember my Great Gran's first name. She was always Granny Connell to us. So I have been searching for some photographs and old newspaper articles I know I have - somewhere! Then I can add her initial on the left-hand side of the pin cushion in pins. yes the other two initials are in pins!

Time for bed now. I will have to resume the search tomorrow!


Mouse said...

ohhh thats a nice idea .... hope you find what you are looking for soon :) love mouse xxxxx

Clare - Aimetu said...

I do hope you find your lost treasure - tidy ups are good but I often,n find something and then get side tracked for a wee while

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks Mouse and Clare. I also find that when I tidy up a few days later I can't find that much needed stitching or craft item. I know I have it because I've seen it but where did I put it?

Bossymamma said...

It's lovely - such a gorgeous way to use a precious photograph. I know what you mean about finding and losing things! A couple of years ago I had a period of illness when I had short bursts of a little energy. I used that to tidy and sort my craft room - and drew plans of where I had put things. I use those plans an awful lot!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Now that's a thought. I drew plans for my small veggy garden a few years ago as I planted things. Then I lost the plans and found them again at the end of the season. So much for rotational planting! Some hope of finding them the following year!

Kate said...

Love the use of the photograph Sheila. Hope you have managed to find what you were looking for.
I love the idea of having a plan of where things are - I'd probably need at least a week to draw it up though