Thank you all for reading my rambles. All comments are read and appreciated. There have been some great comments recently so many, many thanks. I'm sorry if I haven't managed to comment on your blog I do read them as often as I can.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank you

Thanks to everyone who reads my Blog and makes such lovely comments about my crafty objects. I am really enjoying myself at the moment.

Last night I started a very small Starling bag, thanks to Alice at Ravelry. I will make more of these. They are a very quick knit. I'm going to see what they are like using two strands of wool as it is a bit floppy. That is if I can crochet with two strands! BTW it is the same wool I used for my Neuron above. I have a large cone of it.

My small brown Starling bag


Karan said...

Another fab bag there. It's lovely to see all the pieces you make Sheila, such a variety - always a pleasure to stop by. :0)

Heidi said...

What a great little bag! The yarn is so pretty too.

I want to make a purse when I get another project done. I cannot wait to try my hand at one.

Hugs from Holland ~

futuregirl said...

It's so adorable and tiny! Or else that is a *huge* remote. Ha! Thanks for the sweet words about my pattern. :)