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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Spent the weekend yarn bombing Newcastle and doing some more big knitting at The Maker's Fair. It was good fun.
Beanbugs in the tree

Nebuchadnezzar and Nerys in their tree
Neural Network
 As a result I didn't get a chance to do much on my wrapped line project and well done to Heidi and also some of the girls on NH for guessing correctly that it is going to be a bag. I've done 8 more rounds today and joined on the second washing line. That means I have wrapped 30 meters already. The sides should be at least 7 1/2" and they are 4 1/2" so far. 7 1/2" doesn't seem to be very deep, I'll see what it looks like when I get there. Unfortunately I am starting to run out of the thread I'm using on the cream section so will continue until I use it up then I'll have to wait until I can get some more. My LNS (Singers) don't have the right one but are sending for it. It's a very lightly variegated Gutterman thread. My sewing machine needs a service and is starting to squeak. It can't go in until next week so I'll see how far I get with it tomorrow.

I can now get back to my knitting and crochet projects, a flower shawl, or if I get ambitious it may become a throw. I quite like making the flowers and they don't take too long to make.

This is the wool I'm using for a 'Sloppy Joe' jumper. I have just got up to the arm holes. It's great as it has been done on circular needles and there are no seams.

If you have got to the end of this post well done, it has been slightly longer than usual.


Lindsey said...

aha - a bag - of course! I won't make the obvious joke tho'

Christine said...

You've been busy Sheila.
The yarn bombing is so cool. If you did that round I'm pretty sure here some dear old soul would decide that a child had lost its toy and lovingly gather it all up and hand it in at the play group

Mylene said...

You sure been busy...your crochet piece is looking beautiful!

Karan said...

That looks like a whole lot of fun Sheila. More lovely craft goodies too. :0)