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Friday, March 20, 2009

5 Days already

We are now 5 days into our two week holiday, can't believe how fast the time seems to have gone. I had a great Reiki session yesterday but it's left me with a stinking head ache. However I did sleep better and my arm is now allowing me to walk without looking as if I have a stiff neck! I'm walking for about an hour each morning before the sun comes up as it's nice and cool then. I'm exploring the area far more that I've ever done over the last 8 years we've been coming here. No plans for today, just a laze and maybe get some stitching done as I haven't done much lately.


Karan said...

Sounds like you're having a lovely time. Glad the Reiki is working - am going for a session tomorrow too. :0)

Julie said...

Shame about the rain, hope its stopped and DH is feeling better and you too.