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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Race 4 Life

Feel I should share with you why I want to do the Race 4 Life.
Last week we discovered that SiL and her DH both have cancer. SiL had an op on Thursday and her DH goes for treatment this next week. I had an uncle who died of cancer several years ago and like to help the charity whenever I can. I wanted to do it last year but chickened in the end so this year I will do it no matter what. I started the training today with a lovely walk. Parked the car on the north side of the Tyne and walked through the pedestrian tunnel and on to Bede's World to see a friends exhibition. If anyone lives locally it's a lovely place. Didn't take photos as they are trying to sell their work and I didn't have their permission, that I can understand as they are all personal embroideries, very talented ladies!
However I will share the crocus outside the church.

The walk along side the River Don which flows into the Tyne

and the back of Pete's head with a ship at South Shields dock.


Julie said...

I hope all goes well for them both.

Lynn said...

Bede's World is great, my Dad used to take me and the girls when we went home to South Shields

So sorry to hear of your SIL & BIL, how tragic for both of them to have it:(

Good luck with the race Sheila your doing a great thing!

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thank you so much Lynn

Karan said...

Hope all goes well for them both (((((hugs))))). Best of Luck for the Race. :0)

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks Karen, need lots of moral support, I know I can do this as we must have walked the distance on Sunday, it's different doing it on your own though. I usually walk everywhere with DH

Mylene said...

Sending prayers for your SiL & her DH. Hope all goes well with the op and treatment.

Goodluck with the race.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thank you so much Mylene.