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Monday, March 02, 2009

Scones and SAL

Had a busy morning, did a quick potter in the garden, can't do that much as my shoulder is still acting up, I've made a temporary sling to stop me using it. When I came in I made some wholemeal cheese scones I had to dig out my old food processor and remind myself how to use it! It's been in the cupboard for years and I've lost the manual, hurrah for the www. I really didn't fancy rubbing in the butter/flour by hand. It took the hard work out of it but I wasn't that happy with the final result and did the last bit by hand. It was fun to play and DH washed up!

The second picture is my SAL progress from yesterday afternoon, I told you I hadn't done much.

The final picture shows my last few days progress on Brown Calico, I still need to do a lot of stitching and beading on the right hand 'lump' it isn't really speaking to me yet. I've taken a photo of the whole frame so you can imagine the size of the piece.


Julie said...

Calico is stunning, and those scones look very yummy too :-)

Karan said...

Yummy bakes & Calico is lovely - definitely looks like sealife to me. :0)
Looking forward to seeing the new piece progress - the tuffet looks so pretty. :0)

Barb said...

Sheila Calico is coming on really well love the colours you are using. Scones look good too I wouldn't be without my food processor use it most days.