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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday here

Well it's the weekend and only 2 more days left. Yesterday started cloudy here so we decided to take the bus to the capital Los Palmas. Well we took the slow bus, it took one and three quarter hours! However we saw parts of the East side of the island we hadn't seen before. Then it RAINED and boy did it rain! Took a taxi to the largest department store on the island from the bus station. I think the store is even bigger that John Lewis' on Oxford Street. It's in two buildings on opposite sides of the street and we spent at least three hours in there including having our lunch served by waiters in dicky bows! bought some toiletry necessities and a magazine. Pete got himself two Spanish novels. he likes to read some obscure stories that he can't get in the UK. One of the books he nearly bought in London but it was too expensive! He got it for 5 euros less here. Unfortunately a lot of other things were more expensive tha in the UK because of the poor echange rate. I wanted to get a lovely whitework tablerunner done in the traditional Canarian pulled thread work, but at 40 euro I walked away as I had bought a second at the market earlier in the week so already have a sample, I know where the mistakes are but it only cost me 8 euros so can't complain, that's why it's there and not in the big shops. the mag was an embroidery one - of course. When we got back to the bus station I got a jewellery and craft mag that certainly isn't published in the UK - in Spanish but with very clear pictorial instructions and with Pete's translator dictionary machine I can make out what it says.
We had a lovely night listening to Bob Gorman, he plays guitar and sings, Dire Straits, Shadows, Bob Marley, etc, just our type of music. We met a couple from Sunderland! Just over the river Tyne from us! Got to admit to having a few too many San Grias. Had a good time though

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