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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Race 4 Life

Whow I'm now 3/4 of the way towards my £100 target, do you think I'll get over that? people are so generous I was in tears tonight when I found out my DD had given a very generous donation.
I had a great day out shopping in Newcastle today. It was just as well I wanted a new light-weight suitcase as I was able to put all my packages inside. I bought new walking sandals, flip flops, beach top, makeup, floppy sun hat, new underwear, there was more not holiday related. I left home at 10.30 and didn't get home until after 4pm. I usually hate shopping in town and do it as rarely as possible. However it's probably just as well I don't do it too often!
My shoulder seems to be a bit better and I'm relatively pain free for the first time in a fortnight - fantastic! I'll probably suffer for it tomorrow.
Well I must try and go to sleep now it's well past my bed time!


Karan said...

Wow Sheila, you really know how to shop when you go! LOL Hope that means your shoulder is getting better. Great news on the fundraising too. :0)

Sheilasembroidery said...

Thanks Karen, no shoulder not better, the pain killers, massage cream and heat pad still in use, but retail therapy does one a power of good! My right arm is developing Popeye muscles :)

Julie said...

Wow shopaholic!!!